Friday, October 26, 2012

My Doppelganger

I'm in the Idylwilde catalog?
I walked in to the fly shop today and after a little catch up the Head Honcho mentioned that I was in the new Idylwilde catalog.  "Strange" I thought, I had no idea that  I was going to be.  I opened up the catalog, and sure enough on page 5 there I was.  Same red scott hat, same puffy patagonia jacket, same scott spey rod, same vanilla-gorilla-giant-step.  Everything looked like me except that I knew I hadn't been to where I thought the photo was taken in quite some time.

I looked into the bottom corner of the photo for the credit and it was shot by fellow Scott pro and exceptional videographer/photographer Bryan Huskey.  I messaged Bryan to find out if he knew my doppleganger of if Bryan was secretly hiding in the bushes last time I fished the upper Ronde.  Turns out I was wrong on both accounts, Bryan doesn't stalk me, and that wasn't the upper Ronde.  The picture turns out to be Bryans buddy "Slawdy" from WY fishing on the John Day.  Maybe one day I'll run into Slawdy on the river, and we can share one of those movie moments where it's like looking into a mirror because the resemblance is so close.
Scary resemblance


  1. Uncanny, the resemblance of that guy in the boat with the bent rod, and my kid. There are Doppelgangers all around us. Except that you don't look like that anymore.

  2. Hahaha. I'm working my way back there Kirk. I'm going to be on the Ronde soon BTW, if I see a young coug crushing steelhead I will say hi to Schpanky.


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