Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Favorite Flies: Two Midges

Carlo holding the evidence of an effective midge

Fall in our part of MT means many different things, but if you are fishing the Beaverhead it means tiny, tiny flies when you're not lobbing the latest Kelly Galloup insert-your-sexually-confused-streamer-name-here under the willows.  This year I have two patterns that have stood out above the rest, and they both come from Idylwilde signature tier Jeremy Garrett.  Jeremy is a Dillon area guide, best known for his belly dancer series of flies, crushing huge fish and having what appear to be the most comfortable seats in any skiff I have ever seen.  The flies I mimicked in these patterns are called the "purple death" and "ribbed midge".  The changes I made were simple color variations, using green and black wire instead of silver on the "ribbed midge" and orange dyed pearl flashabou on the "purple death" (more of an orange-flashy death).  If you get to the Beav before the crank it down to winter flows go huck these bad boys under a bobber and hang on.  Oh yeah, I tie mine on Tiemco 2488H's, a strong heavy hook so those big Beav fish don't bend me out!
Black and Olive

Pink, Orange and Shiny!

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