Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Salmon fishing in the sound

Gary getting after it

A little over a week ago Ke'lah and I hopped on a plane and flew to Seattle for a wedding of a long time friend.  Excited about the party that would take place, and a weekend in the city, I had absolutely no plans of even thinking about fishing.  These plans were interrupted during the wedding reception when my buddy Brian asked if I would like to go salmon fishing the following morning at 5:30 a.m.  A quick glance for approval from the wife, and plans were made.

Growing up a true eastsider (509 not 425) it is still amazing to me that you can hop in a boat and run 10 minutes into the sound and catch salmon, but this is exactly what we did.  Brian picked me and Gary (another wedding guest, good friend and unplanned angler) up at Bell Harbor and 10 minutes later we were in the middle of the glassy puget sound, rigging up down riggers and hearing other boats troll by.

Brian left me the job of rigging up the downriggers while he assembled some other gear.  It has been no less than a dozen years since I had assembled this type of gear, but after a few helpful pointers we were ready to troll.  Because of the unplanned nature of this trip we had about 2.5 hours to capitalize on the Coho's that were milling around our down rigger ball.    About half way through our allotted time one of the rods sprang to life, and Garey jumped up and reeled in a nice 5lbs hatchery silver.  We quickly dispatched of the fish, and dropped the rigs again.

Our second fish was not quite as efficient as the first.  While sitting in the boat bullshitting as friends who haven't seen eachother in a while do, it took a nearby boat hollering over at us "you got one" for us to notice the rod shaking with life.  This time it was my turn, and I brought in a fish that could have been the twin sister of Gary's fish.

After dispatching of our second fish we finished out our time with a few more passes over the "kill zone" and then reeled everything in and sped back to the dock.  A quick goodbye and many thank you's and Gary and I arrived back at our hotels, coffee in hand, ahead of schedule.


  1. The nod of approval is a must in those situations. Looked like fun. I haven't trolled for fish in a long time. Used to do it a lot when I was little, for blue fish and stripers. You still planning on a steelhead trip in Nov?

  2. Yes, definitely steelheading, I'll give you a call. I need to spend more time trolling, it's relaxing and I love it!


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