Thursday, September 6, 2012

Gear Review: Redington Sonic Pro Rain Jacket

Dad, modeling.
Note:  I wrote this review this spring, and didn't feel right posting a jacket review when it was 90 degrees out.  I just wore this jacket two mornings ago, and thought it appropriate to throw it up now.

I got the opportunity to use some new Redington Sonic Pro equipment this winter during our steelhead season, and here is the first of a series of reviews.  This first review is on the Sonic Pro Jacket, a heavy duty rain jacket designed to keep you dry in those storms that one might refer to as "The Darkness".  Living in Forks, WA for the winter gave me a prime opportunity to test out the Sonic Pro, and give it a lot of use in true rain jacket test conditions.  If there is one thing you want your gear to do in the rainforest is to keep you dry, and this jacket did that and more.

There are a lot of great features in this Jacket, especially since the price tag reads $299.99.  As a guide, one feature I can't do without is good cuffs.  Rowing with your hands towards the sky just invites rain down your arm and soaked sleeves.  The sonic pro has a very comfortable cuffs that tighten down and have a soft rubber feel to them which keeps water out.  Another feature that I really like was the pockets.  The chest has two sets of pockets on each side, and the inside has a zippered pocket as well as a large mesh pocket for easier access.

Ron Sr. modeling, Ron Jr. crushing!
The fit and cut of this jacket was good, and the sleeve length fit, which is unusual for me.  At 6'5" 235lbs this jacket was cut just about perfect.  My Dad (6'1")  also wore the jacket for a couple of days and it fit him great as well.  My only complaint about this jacket was the hood was larger than I prefer, but after speaking with Redington about the issue, I found that it had already been resolved.  After about 40 days of use there were no signs of wear or tear, and everything, including the waterproof zippers, worked as well as they did on day one.

Overall, if I were in the market for a rain jacket, I would certainly check out the Redington Sonic Pro.  I really dug the pocket layout, cuff style, sleeves, and of course the price.

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