Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Fly Shop Innovations

Cash or credit accepted!
What do you do if you are an innovative, smaller, destination fly shop, and want to help your customers who show up at all hours of the day?  Put a vending machine in front of your shop loaded with tippet, flies, leaders and the essentials of course!  Darc Knobel, 509 legend and all around great guy, set this machine up in front of his Ephrata fly shop, and provides 24 hour access to good products for those visiting Rocky Ford, the Sun Lakes and other lesser known stops.  Next time you're headed to the Ford, stop in and see Darc, he has a great fly shop with awesome tying products, and if he's not around you can still get that 4x for fooling the weary basin lunkers.


  1. Pretty good idea, huh Mike. They just need Copenhagen in one of the slots.


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