Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Weekend Update

Shawn dropping some hooks on the ring game
As summer continues to scorch on through the beginning of August, not much has changed in SW montana.  The roost is like ground hogs day, with eager clients and exhausted guides stumbling past each other while the coffee soaks in.  Last weekend was a nice break in the twilight zone that started with a fun dinner with The Fly Fish Chick, Professor and Little Chick at the end of their vacation in Sheridan.  A combination of great food, Dark and Stormy's and an addicting game of ring on a hook was a great start to the weekend.

"Twitch it, Twitch it!"
Long time guest and close friend Brett was out Thursday through Saturday, and continued to prove that if you fish more through out the year, that you have even better fishing when you come to Montana.  Aside from one day of little fish ball, Brett did his normal job of crushing everything in sight, including some of the best hopper eats I have seen this summer.  Long time friend, new roomate and new SFI guide Shawn rode in the back of the boat for the three days and got to enjoy some hopper eats of his own before he gets back to work.

Ke'lah enjoying some hopper fishing.
Sunday night found us over on the Madison looking for some new scenery and an excuse for some fine margaritas.  We hit up Banditos for an early dinner, launched at Varney around 6, and enjoyed the best time of day with a pile of fish that were looking to eat the chubby.  Ke'lah capped off the day and the great weekend with the fish pictured above, as good a brown trout as she has gotten on the dry.
Chone from the back of the boat


  1. Me too! Was not aware of how delicious they are, but they are pretty much a mule without the copper mug, so what's not to love?


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