Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Yak Throwback

Been a while since I've got one of these, Yakima River Cutthroat
This past week I got to take some time out of the 406 and get back to the old stomping grounds of the Kittitas Valley.  Good friend Scott W. was getting married, so we took an extended break with friends and family, followed up by a great celebration at the Wilson nuptials.  During this break I was able to get out on the Yakima with good friends and exceptional Yakima guides, Jeff Brazda and Keith Wersland.  These two have been guiding the Yakima for as long as any other guide currently working on the Yak.  I spent 5 years guiding the Yakima with these two, and it has been 5 years since I fished the Yakima, and certainly longer since the three of us fished together.
Brazda getting some bugs ready.
 We floated one of my favorite stretches on the Yak, Bristol to Green Bridge, and had what I remembered as typical Yakima fishing.  The little fish bite was good, and we had just enough good ones around to keep it interesting (without staring at the bobber).  It certainly took a little time to adjust from the smash of a brown trout to the elegant sip of a cutthroat.
Constant laughs with an old friend.
Aside from the fishing it was great to see the family, relax by the pool, and have the chance to get out and enjoy the heat that has been scorching the northwest.
Sunset over the Kittitas Valley.


  1. Were you able to fish it when it was on the drop? I am hoping to break out of here in a week or two and get in a float.

  2. Yeah, it was on the drop Wes. Fished good enough, pretty much just like I remembered it really.


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