Thursday, July 12, 2012

Favorite Flies: Iron Sally

Iron Sally, right where she is supposed to be.

They showed up a little early this year with the low warm water we have been having, but the Yellow Sally is always a welcome bug to the local rivers.  As a stone that swims to the surface to hatch rater than crawl to the bank, trout get keyed up on the nymph version as soon as you start seeing the adults.  In fact the general consensus around the guys I fish with is that the sally nymphs taste so much better than the dry that they don't bother eating the fly off the surface (atleast not as often as they should).  When sally's start popping, the Morrish's Iron Sally from Idylwilde is the first pattern I tie on, and often don't fish much else.  It has a tung bead, wire body, and small flashy legs that mimic movement and entice trout.  And if you are familiar with Ken Morrish's bugs you know that they all crush. Next time you feel those little yellow stones crawling on your neck, tie on the Iron Sally, you'll be glad you did.
Morrish's Iron Sally.

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