Friday, June 15, 2012

Flashback Friday

Thanks Doodah!

This is one of my favorite pictures of all time.  It is from the first time that Brazda and I ever fished together, in the upper Yakima canyon, in the summer of 2003.  Braz parked on the inside corner, that with the road in the background any Yak guide should know, and I sat in the bow of the boat while he started rigging up.  Braz looked up at me halfway threw a knot, and said "Throw your streamer up there doodah!"  I threw it up there, and this was the second fish in a row of nearly identical size.  This was one of the most fun days I ever had on the Yakima, and the beginning of a lot of days and a great friendship with Brazda.

On the topic of Brazda, for those of you who don't know, Jeff is working on the Yakima this summer instead of Montana.  If you are looking for a Yakima guide this summer, you absolutely cannot find a more fun, knowledgeable and harder working guide then Jeff.  Give him a call this summer and go hit the summer stones that the Yakima is known for!

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