Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Weather Hangover

Todd with a perfect fish in perfect weather, a rare combination.
One of the more interesting two days I had this winter was with two good friends, Todd and Nate.  Nate is an old guide buddy of mine that I worked with this winter, and Todd recently relocated to Portland from the bay area (he says for work, I think it was for steel).   Nate had two days off so we conned him in to hopping in the boat and going fishing.  The first day that we fished together was the first warm day of March.  Fishing was outstanding, one of those days winter steelhead fishing that you fish all year for.  One of those days that makes those ass kickings that so often take place well worth it.

The only thing to top the fishing was the weather.  This is not an area that has a nickname of rain forest, where we are is a rain forest.  On the average day you wonder how long before your rain jacket is growing mold.  The first day with Todd and Nate we were down to t-shirts by lunch, and actually hot by three in the afternoon.  This was the weather equivalent of the fishing we were experiencing, the day that you always want, great fishing and great weather.  We congratulated our selves back at that house that evening with a couple of cold ones and were excited for the following day.
Nate with a stunning fish and a hangover cure.
Awaking to the sound of rain drops is the norm winter steelhead fishing, and our second day was no exception.  We climbed out of the truck and straight into our protective rain gear, and slogged the boat down the ramp.  Fishing followed the weather, and after a half a day of not even a suspicious grab between three rods, and the steady, soaking rain, the boat got eerily quiet.  On a normal day this lack of success would just be chalked up to winter steelhead fishing and we wouldn't have thought twice about it.  After the amazing weather and fishing the day before, the boat was in a weather hangover.  It was funny actually, how quiet we got.  No one was mad or depressed, just brain dead from the rapid change in weather and luck.  Fortunately late into the afternoon Nate got the mojo going in the right direction by landing a gorgeous steelhead that was like a double shot esspresso and 4 tylenol's to our hangover.  Amazing how fast a beautiful fish can change the attitude of a day.


  1. Forest has only one "r" unless your name is Gump, which I'm sure is quite possible in your case.

  2. Damn you spell checking brown trout!

  3. Thanks Mike, it was a great one.


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