Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Gear Review: Redington SonicPro Zip Front Waders

Redington SonicPro ZipFront's.  Available in Small (modeled by Kirk) through XXL (modeled by me).

This winter I was given the opportunity to get some sweet new Redington gear for review and your reading pleasure.  Having never worn Redington waders before, I was excited but nervous to try them out, and was pumped when my Sonic Pro Zip-Front's showed up.  They couldn't had shown up at a better time, as my other pair had finally given out after a nice long life.  Always excited for new waders, I was especially excited about he Redington's as they had the zipper that makes pissing in the woods much less of a chore.  The SonicPro's also feature heavy duty material up to the mid back, a necessity when you tend to wear your waders out from sitting and rowing.

The ability to easily relieve yourself may seem like not much, but when you're dealing with a serious curse of the eskimo while chasing winter steels, this zipper is worth it's weight in gold.  I couldn't believe how much I liked having the zipper until I grabbed a different pair of waders one day.  The first leak that I went to take  without the zipper made me depressed, and I made sure to bring the Sonic Pro's the rest of the season.

There were several other features that I really dug about the SonicPro's as well, including the amount of pockets, which was ample.  I am used to the flip-out pocket that sits on the inside front of waders, and although zippered waders can't have this pocket, Redington did a nice job of replacing it with a large inside zippered pocket that sits on the right chest.  This is the pocket that you stash everything you need easy access to, and it was the perfect size for this.

The other big plus for me with the Redington's was the booties of the waders.  I wear a 15 and often find booties in waders to run small, especially for my large feet.  The Redington's had a bootie that was probably cut to a 14, but it stretched enough for even my giant feet to be comfortable.  You definitely want the feet on waders to error on the size of being big to avoid circulation loss, and these definitely have enough room.  Aside from the zipper this was probably my favorite feature.

The one downside I had with the Sonic Pro's was a zipper that jammed, and would not come unstuck.  Irritating, but the warranty service was exceptional, and I had new waders at my door in less than a week, so I wouldn't let that complaint detract you from buying a pair.  In fact I was glad I got to test the warranty to write a more accurate review.
SonicPro's performed well while hopping logs giant man style to chase down this fish.

When thinking about a new pair of waders I would definitely go check out a pair of the new Sonic Pro's.  The fit is good, the material is durable, and if you drink coffee before fishing (who doesn't?) you will love the zipper.  Say good bye to the curse of the eskimo.


  1. Awesome review. I've been kicking around the idea of checking them out when my Simms finally kick the bucket.

  2. Thanks Dave, the issues I had with the redingtons were resolved very quickly through the warranty program, and would definitely recommend them over other comparable models in similar price ranges.

  3. I prefer the convenience of zip front waders and own a pair of the Redington Sonics. I have experienced issues with the zipper jamming and have found that there is a kink in the zipper about 3 - 4" from the top of the zipper that prevents it from zipping all the way up. Having brought this to the attention of the folks at Redington after the warranty expired the only advice they could offer is to use zipper wax, which I have been using. Zipper wax does not affect the deformity/defect i the zipper and as they are beyond the warranty period Redington will not resolve the issue. Sure, I should have addressed the issue prior to warranty expiration, but other manufacturers (Simms, Orvis, Patagonia) commonly resolve issues like this when it is determined that there is a material defect.


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