Thursday, May 31, 2012

Gear Review: Ibex Hooded Indie

One of the products that I got the opportunity to review this winter was the Hooded Indie from Ibex, a company that makes wool long products and is just trying to break into the fly fishing scene.  In fact, last fall I received one of their catalogs and commented to my wife about how it looked like great stuff for fly fishing.  Sure enough great mind think alike (?) and a couple months later I was wearing an Ibex Hooded Indie onto the Hoh river.
I am warm wearing my Ibex Hooded Indie, while taking this picture of Paul and this sweet steel.
The first thing I noticed about the hoody was the cut.  As a tall (6'5") guy, it is often hard to find clothing in the xl/xxl department that isn't cut for shorter, rounder dudes.  Ibex seems to follow other outdoor companies in their sizing, which is great for me because xxl includes long not just wide.  I also have freakishly long arms, and the Indie had sleeves (with thumb holes) that made it all of the way to my wrists, even with arms extended.  I also really liked having the hood on a baselayer.  I did not wear the hood very often, but it is nice to have the choice, as well as the extra fabric to keep your neck warm.

New to wool, I was excited to try it out as my buddy Tyler swears by it.  I have to say the comfort level was incredibly high with wool.  I felt like I was wearing a worn in t-shirt right out of the box, which is a very good thing.  The warmth was good for a lightweight layer, and when put under two other fleeces, it felt just right for 40 degree drippy cold steelhead weather.  It is however not the base layer I would grab if it is going to be really cold out (>40).

I typically try to be critical of at least one aspect of a product I review, but it is really difficult with this shirt.   I wore it a lot this winter.  It is great.  It will be even better fishing this spring and fall when temps get higher during the day and I can wear it as a single layer.  The Indie costs $110 which is normal for wool baselayers, and will be a good investment in your future fishing. Go get one!


  1. No Prob Mike, it is a great piece of clothing, I really love it.


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