Friday, May 4, 2012

Friday Flashback: Montana Style

One of Ke'lah's first browns, summer 06.
I'm running my first trout trip of the year today after a week of resting a sore back, and figured this was a perfect picture for this weeks Flashback Friday.  The brown Ke'lah is holding is one of the first browns she had ever caught, on the first trip either of us had ever made to Twin Bridges.  We had driven out to check out the campus at U of M for grad school, and figured we should make a detour over the divide to visit Brazda and Rooster.  This fish was also from the first time either of us had fished the Beaverhead.

My favorite part of this day was Ke'lah missing a couple fish on a hopper, and asking if her hook was o.k.  I instinctively said "your hooks fine, keep fishing." After one more miss she made me look at it and sure enough the hook point had broken off, but the whole fly was there so it looked fine from a distance.  Ever since that day I have been better at checking hook points, especially when she's in the bow of the skiff.

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