Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Drift Boat Goodies

What's hidden away in your drift boat?
I did some spring boat cleaning the other day, and amongst the bonus lead not in bags, random tippet spools and dust encrusted flies were the above items.  Each of these are essentials for the boat, and always good to have extras of.  From the left to right:

Orange Bottle:  Ben's 100% Deet.  This stuff is amazing, and if you have as many bugs around as we do, it is priceless.  Keep it away from your fly lines though.

5 hour energy:  I don't drink this stuff much myself, I much prefer red bull, but it is a good boost for the Dude that spent a little too much time at the Blue Anchor the night before.

Bobbers:  Always need lots of these

Little Sunscreen Bottle:  I actually don't know how this got in there, I use sunscreen by the gallon, but it fit well into this picture.

Coozie:  Courtesy of World Cast Anglers, don't want to commit beer abuse when you're on the river.


  1. Ha. That looks like Ellen's sunscreen from 2 years ago!

  2. Haha, maybe! Ke'lah looked at it and told me it's face sunscreen, that's why it's so small. Might be Ellen's! Looking forward to seeing you guys in August.


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