Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Day Off Fishing Report

Bobbered Brown
Today is my day off for the week, and in between a hair cut this morning (no fro this summer!) and a Big Hole Watershed Committee meeting this evening I thought I would throw up a fishing report for the greater TB area, or at least where I have been the last week.  Last summer I did the friday fishing reports that seemed to be popular, and this year I will not be doing that because of "Friday Flashbacks" but keep checking in for something along the lines of "Random Day-Off/Computer Time" fishing reports.

The Hole is fishing consistently, especially when considering the daily rise that it is getting from this phenomenal weather we have been having.  The turd and worm game has been solid as always, and dragging has been productive on days that the sun isn't quite as bright.  Think about wrapping some worms that they may not have seen already for some better success.  Heard that the caddis are out thick in the Melrose area but not a lot of fish looking up.

I have only made it to the Beav once lately, but it fished well until the dam spit out some water and shut things off for the afternoon.  There were a hand full of caddis around, some BWO's and a few other random bugs.  Clarity was great, and Ron Burgundy was an all star which is typical for the early season (I'm Ron Burgundy?).

I'm back on the water tomorrow through next Tuesday, and will be getting up to "the slick" and the upper Beav shortly after the opener and the chaos dies down up there.  Really looking forward to seeing how big the fish are up there after 4 years of good water conditions.  Oh yeah, the Beav behind the house looks good for the first time in 2 years, hitting the caddis hatch back there tomorrow night!


  1. Turds and worms go together like boats and ho's!

  2. So dose making your own beef jerky shitting with the door open and riverboat gambling trips


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