Friday, April 27, 2012

A decade under the influence: Flashback Fridays

This year is the my 10th year working as a fly fishing guide, and to celebrate I am going to run a series through the guide season called "flashback friday" with my favorite pictures and stories from the last ten years.

Using the barney boat juju to send Dave off to Missouri.

The above picture of Dave and me is from the W. Fork of the Bitteroot, 6 years ago, on one of the better salmonfly days I have ever seen.  This picture was about 4 days after we graduated college, and Dave, Scotty Dub, J.Boitano and I ran over to Missoula for a graduation celebration trip, and to send Dave off to Ft. Leaonard Wood Missouri.  Salmonflies were everywhere, the fishing was exceptional, and a lost alternator was the only major setback of the trip.  I need to make it back over to the Bitterroot one of these days, but damn it's hard to drive past the entire Big Hole to get there.


  1. Sickness! I'm still stuck on the Big Island for a field exercise. I'll try and find the one I landed with all my line out. Wish I was able to catch up with you guys on Maui. I'm getting ready to submit my application to Montana Tech. We'll practically be neighbors again if I move to Butte.

  2. I know, I wish we could have hooked up then or this winter. Summer 2013 it's on!


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