Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Go Hawks!
Not one to be overly superstitious when it comes to fishing, but there are two superstitions I follow closely.  One is to not bring banana's on the boat.  Nothing good ever comes from this, and I have seen enough of their bad juju to not allow them.  The second is the good luck of a trusty fishing hat.  My good friend Tom has the absolutely most lucky fishing hat that has ever entered into my boat.

After watching steelhead bounce off the end of Gary's line, and Tom's lucky hat not being able to come to the rescue because it had taken a swim during one of the many hail storms, we had to dig deep to find some reserve juju.  At this moment I had a flashback to putting lunch into the cooler, and remembered there was a slice of bread in there that was not part of the sandwich.  We had been banana breaded!  Within an hour of evacuating the banana bread, our juju was returned, and we went back to business time.  The luck of Tom's hat continues!

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  1. "We had been banana breaded!"

    haha gotta love winter steelhead fishing you gotta have some superstition


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