Friday, March 2, 2012

A preacher, a cop and a fishing guide....

The Preacher getting it done!

Although the headline suggests a good Joke, it was actually the combination of anglers I had in the boat last weekend.  Wes, who married a good high shcool friend of mine, is a lutheran preacher from "The Eastside" (not to be confused with the 509).  We have been trying to get together to hang out, and ideally fish, for a couple of years now.  With my schedule as a transient fishing guide and Wes' responsibilities at work and as a new dad we never connected until this past weekend.  Wes drug his friend Jeremiah, an Oregon State Trooper, along for the ride.

We had one day of fishing on the calendar, and for winter steelhead this is often risky because of the rapidly changing conditions.  Friday, the day before we fished, was a cold constant-drip day that saw the rivers rise and brown and become unfishable by noon.  A quick call to Wes confirmed that they had already arrived, and were fishing as well.  If nothing else we were going to be able to hang out and talk fishing, if the rivers wouldn't allow us to do the real thing.

On the morning of fishing a check of the flows showed that the river levels were very high, but if they were clear enough we would be able to fish.  A short drive to the river confirmed our hopes, and we threw the boat in and were on our way.  Not long into our day (We'll say 4th good run) Wes connected and put his first steelhead on the beach.  A beauty of about ten pounds it was great to see the smiles and excitement that a first steelhead brings to an angler.
Definitely not officer Farva

After 8 more hours of a couple whities and fruitless casts, Jeremiah got his first steelhead within site of the get-out.  Jeremiah's hatchery fish definitely gave him the same excitement that Wes enjoyed at the very beginning of our float, and both had now caught their first steelhead.  Anymore I rarely get to fish with anglers who have never caught a steelhead, and it was awesome to be reminded how exciting it is to put that first fish in the net.  It definitely wont be 3 years before Wes and I get together and fish again.

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