Tuesday, March 6, 2012

More firsts.

I got to start last week guiding and fishing with one of my close friends, Brett A.  Brett and I have fished together for a few years now, and he has some serious Juju everytime.  You may recognize Brett as the face that took up a bunch of camera time in my summer highlights video, because he caught a crapload of trout in MT this summer.  This winter we spent 2.95 days swinging flies for winter fish and were certainly rewarded.  The first fish hooked between us gave Brett a good yank, started pulling line off of the reel, and then cracked the 15lbs like it was nothing.  The fish pictured above was Brett's first swung winter steelhead.  A hatchery fish, it was certainly not the beast that punched his 15lbs earlier in the day, but it crushed the fly, jumped around, and did all that a steelhead is supposed to.  Brett and I were fishing together for his first steelhead, his first swung steelhead, and now his first swung winter steelhead, so the juju continues!

A gorgeous fish from the .05 fishing.

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