Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Fishing with Dad

Left side is the best side

My Dad and I got together and found a few steelhead before we got hit with the blizzard that is currently flushing out the rivers.  We have not fished out here much, one rainy day about 8 years ago is it in fact, so it was a nice chance for him to see some different stuff.  Our first day was succesful, and Dad got his first winter steelhead which was a hoot, but it was certainly not the rocket that these rivers are known for.
The second day we had more favorable conditions, and this certainly helped.  Dad got in to a big fish early on in the day that found some wood and cracked some leader.  After landing a nice buck, he hooked in to a silver bullet, and could only utter "whoa" when he saw it hit the net.  Super bright fish tend to have that impact on people, and it was very cool too hear my Dad be completely speecheles at the sight of such a beautiful fish.  After that he said "wow, that is the same type of fish as every other steelhead, they look so much different."  Definitley a successful day, and no better way to share a day of fishing that with you Dad.


  1. Sounds like some good times Joe. Fishing with dad is always a must.

  2. Nothing like fishing with dad.

  3. Always a great day when I can fish with one of my boys. The two days on the OP will always be remembered. I had few words when I hooked up the silver rocket but Joe had plenty to say when I snapped off The Big one


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