Thursday, March 1, 2012

The cost of a steelhead.

Saw these poor guys this morning at Jack's Fish Spot in Pike's place market.  Quinalt Fish.  Wild. Disrespected in an icy display with a wildly disrespectful price.


  1. That really is disrespectfully cheap, and I live in the low cost of living South. You would at least expect "wild" to command a wild price tag. Sad.

  2. Jay, I should have clarified too that it is Wild Steelhead are in a threatened and endangered state in the PNW, and that they should not be harvested to begin with! Thanks for the comment and reading the blog! joe

  3. You piqued my curiosity and it seems Puget Sound steelhead are listed as "threatened."
    Maybe these fish were taken from a watershed on the other side of the peninsula? If they're not in a watershed that enters the sound does that mean they're not protected? I wonder.
    Either way, I would report it to USFWS and let them figure that out.

  4. Jay,
    They are taken off of the ocean side of the Olympic Peninsula, by the Quinalt tribe, which is legally permitted, but ethically bull shit. The fishing techniques that are used (gill nets) are non-selective, and are doing a great job of devastating runs. There are many, many reasons for the decline of wild steelhead in the PNW, and tribal nets/selling wild steelhead are definitely one of the contributors. Don't eat wild steelhead!

  5. You've all got fuckin gall talking about respect for wild steelhead. Where's your respect for these wild animals? You've built a business on wildlife wrestling. You seem to have no awareness or qualms about your own impacts, nor do you shy away from broadcasting your exploits to the world. FOR MONEY!

    Next time you let out a hoot and a holler as a fish fights for its life, consider how respectful that is. I say it's MUCH more respectful to harvest a fish to feed your village than to play with their lives for your sport.

    This anti-tribal shit on the OP smacks of the same greedy thinking that drives other angling groups to demonize seals, birds, and commercial fishermen.

    Respect? Give me a fuckin break.


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