Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Back to Basics

No flash involved in catching this shiny thing.
If there is one thing I believe in when it comes to swinging bugs it is having confidence in what you are throwing.  I follow some very simple principals such as bigger flies in bigger water, but for the more part keep it simple.  For those that read the blog, you are well aware that I have been a big fan of Scott Howell's Prom Dresses lately.  While fishing with my buddy Brett last week, I decided to go anti-prom dress and follow him through with a fly that was a basically blue and purple Silvey's Tandem Tube.  The bunny tube is simple, not-flashy, and very fishy.  Last year I tied a pile of simple bunny bugs for the winter season, largely because I can bust them off on the bottom and not worry about it.  Bunny string leeches like the T-squared have accounted for a pile of fish for me, but I don't fish them that often in the winter.  That has definitely now changed, and the anti-prom dress paid off with my first steelhead of the season.  Cracked another one off today on another simple  bunny tube that I will share soon.
Dude flies, simple and crazy effective.

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  1. bet yall are excited about spring fishing! we can't wait to get back out to MT...Cheers! --Christine


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