Monday, February 27, 2012

Feel the load

Joey getting back on that pogo stick
Last week we had the Joey Mac group out at the Bogi House, and after getting perfect conditions last year, they got back to normal with questionable water conditions, a blow out day, and great fishing.  I got to paddle Santa around all week, which is always hilarious and a great time.  This year Joey brought some fresh meat as well, and as always they were great guys and excellent anglers.  There was certainly no better way to kick off the season and warm up the Bogi House.


  1. " you have to let go of the handle for the drag to work.." Good to hang with ya on the OP Wilocerous. Hope to catch up with ya in MT this summer. Feel the Load.

  2. Definitely got to make it to MT this summer! "No hybrids Paul"


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