Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New tying desk

Just in time for wrapping season
Finally got my new tying desk built by my good friend Nick at Konsept Designs in SLC put together yesterday.  It's barren now, but will be decked out shortly, and is going to be much nicer for winter wrapping than my old card table bench.  If you have any interest in a new desk, I'd highly recommend Nick.  Oh yeah, and he fishes a ton, check him out with the chromer below.

Nick crushing.


  1. Yeah, I'm pretty pumped Mike. There are shelves for the open spaces, I'll post a pic once I get it decked out.

  2. That's sweet! - good fuel for the OCD.

  3. I should have also noted this is the absolute cleanest it will ever be!

  4. Bad ass table built by a a true craftsman but heard he dips his flys in smelly jelly

  5. I heard he dips all sorts of things in smelly jelly.


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