Thursday, January 26, 2012

If you don't chew Big Red...

Been tweaking my PD's, and ended up with something probably closer to the Flash Taco than a PD (underbody is the only difference as far as I know).  Either way, after last years EWU national championship flies I still have a bunch of red materials and have been tying with it more.  I think red's a cool color that is in-between what I would consider a "dark" or "light" pattern, and definitely a color that I don't fish enough.


  1. Joey,

    What are you using for the flash "support material"???

  2. Mark,

    On this one I put a tail of silver flash, then palmered a guinea hackle over wrapped red flash, then a collar of Arctic Fox in a dubbing loop. The fox provides the bulk of the "Support". Let me know if that makes sense, if not I'll take some pics of the body without the outer flash.

    1. Makes perfect sense because I use artic fox as my support!

  3. yeah, arctic fox rules, I love tying with it.


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