Monday, January 23, 2012

Designer Merkins: More Tying Material Shortages?

The Del Brown Merkin, permit beware.

It seems like the feather hair extension craze started by Steven Tyler that gobbled up all of the size 16 adams hackle from here to china just ended (I've seen them in Montana, which means the trend must be on the way out) and we are already facing a new dilemma as fly tiers: designer merkins.  To most fly fisherman the name Merkin makes one think about the famous Del Brown permit fly.  Those in the know are aware of the dirtier and slightly less fishy origin of the merkin name, a pubic wig for low-class prostitutes.  Leave it to none other than a reality T.V. star (?) to bring about this highly ridiculous use of fly tying materials.
Designer merkins, vaginas beware. 
It was reported on TMZ (source of all reliable news) that Real Housewives of NY rich bitch star Cindy Barshop has a new business of creating designer merkins, out of popular fly tying materials arctic fox and hen hackles.  The cost of a designer merkin starts at $200 and lasts for about 4 days.

Hopefully this trend doesn't reach the popularity of feather hair extensions, because the tying world can't stand to see the same thing happen to arctic fox that happened to hackle.  Arctic Fox is one of my favorite tying materials for steelhead bugs, and it would be a disappointment to see it go to the luxury merkin market instead of your favorite tying material.

Fortunately for fly tiers, it's hard to believe that many women that will shell out $200 to have their lady parts decked out with glued on fox hair.  And more importantly, thank god this trend wasn't started by Steven Tyler.


  1. Hmmmmm...... I wonder what they'll do with them after four days...

  2. Hopefully not recycle them to the tying bins of local fly shops!

  3. Hahaha, I'd imagine the average tying desk has all of the proper equipment.

  4. Everything was going well until I scrolled down to that image of Tyler.

  5. I'll show you what to do with your fly fishing feathers...

  6. This might be the best post you have ever done. Maybe i should be saving my chicken feathers as the alternative for either the prostitute wear of the fly-tying crew. :)

  7. hahaha, absolutely Beth! Thanks for reading hope you guys are doing well!


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