Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The cone of anger

Angry Cone!
Running around on one of our many blow out days last winter season I stumbled upon an awesome fly that I had read about on the Idylwilde Blog; The Hoser by Jason Hartwick.  Overall it is a pretty simple and very fishy tube, but I was particularly drawn to one part of the fly that I had never seen before.  The part that caught my eye was an inverted cone tucked behind the marabou.  This technique adds weight to the fly and provides a "bump" for flaring materials.  I began using this technique of some PD's and other bugs, and really dug what an easy and effective technique it was.

After catching a couple fish on flies that had the inverted cone, we gave this tying technique the nickname of "the cone of anger."  Thanks to Jason for a great fly and really cool technique that adapts to all sorts of other flies.
Pink/orange hoser, fun to tie!


  1. brilliant! I have seen people use Loon UV nonsense to create "bump", but I think the inverted cone is the better idea! very cool!

  2. I agree Blue, crazy simple and such a great way to add weight and flare to a fly.

  3. I love the look of the material on the body, what is that?

  4. Hey D, it's UV pink polar chenille over copper diamond braid.


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