Monday, December 12, 2011

Non-traditional fishing dogs: Tater

Nose to nose, Tater the bass dog.
Got an email this week from Justin at Fire Fly Fisherman with a link to his awesome non-traditional fishing dog, Tater.  I spend a good amount of time fishing with my buddy Tom and his pitbull mix, Monty, and they are great boat dogs and will fetch the biggest log you can throw for them.  Here's what Justin had to say about Tater, and a link to some of their bassin from this past summer:

" My dog Tater is the best fishing dog I've ever had (and at times he is an amazing net though I have told him numerous times that we practice catch and release). I think that he may somehow enjoy fishing more than I do. I felt that I had to send you a link with pictures of some of our summer fly fishing for bass. Hope you enjoy."
"Just a little lower!"
We definitely do enjoy seeing a great fishing dog like Tater, thanks for the submission Justin!  If you would like your non-traditional fishing dog featured on Evoanglers, and some free swag, send me and email at

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  1. That is such a cool and heartwarming sight. Seeing that dog really put in effort to help his master is amazing.
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