Friday, December 16, 2011

Fly Fishing Forum Math

Winter! Time to fish on the internet!

Along with it being blog season it is officially Forum season. WFF is a forum I've been a long time member of, and it is an amazing resource for information, and home to some of the funnest people I have ever fished with, so don't take this as a knock on forums. I just feel that there are certain mathematical formulas that can be applied to fishing forums (and loosely translated to all internet forums). Here's a little forum math to keep you up to grade:

First, a quick warm up equation that everyone knows:
High number of forum posts = little to no time fishing

On to the advanced math:

Your rod for sale + my opinion ≠ sales price

RiverAddicts archives of posts on speypages > 90% of internet fishing forum posts

Pictures with rod in mouth = # of rods in mouth

Starting Nymphing vs. Swinging thread = # of steelhead you should catch/100 (regardless of your side of the argument)

Posts about deals at Cabelas*2.5=volume of alcohol consumed by local flyshop owners and employees when reading said posts (rightfully so!)

Talking about steelhead ≠ catching steelhead

Sharing conservation issues = # of fish you should catch + 5

Links to random internet articles and wikipedia ≠ your point proven

# of times one says they are a guide in posts + their profile/10 = # of days that "guide" was "guiding" last year

fake username credibility = real username credibility/22

Length of your post on a subject ≠ knowledge

how cool you are for posting on a fly fishing forum = 0(n) where n is your number of posts.

Have some forum math of your own? feel free to share,


  1. ill be laughing for a while now!!!. thanks..

  2. Thanks Bigerrfish! Forum's are always great entertainment this time of year.


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