Friday, December 30, 2011

"Pimp My Boat": Creating a bow loop on a raft.

Ordering mission blue is an easy way to pimp your boat!

This is the start of a new series I am going to do here at EvoAnglers: Pimp My Boat.  As a boat owner you develop tricks and tools that help you get the most performance, comfort and use out of your craft.  Getting to hang out with a bunch of other mendicants fishing guides I have learned a ton of cool tricks that help make driftboats, rafts and trailers better, so I will do my best to share these tricks.

  This first series of "pimp my boat" is for my buddy Keith in Portland who asked about setting a safety line on a raft.  The technique I am showing here puts a safety line around the raft, but also gives you a loop of line to winch your boat on to your trailer with.  This seems like a simple concept, but I can't tell you how many guys I know who either don't even have a safety rope, or don't have it rigged for winching their boat up.  Along with the lack of a rope, I have seen many rafts that are missing the front handle or d-ring because they were being used to winch the raft up and ripped out.  The ability to easily winch a raft onto a trailer by yourself is the benefit of this simple technique, and if you have tried to do this before you understand.

Note the rope hanging off of the bow.  This will be threaded through to create your bow loop.

Boat being pimped: 13' Aire Tributary self-bailing raft with NRS frame.

Step 1:  Get a piece of good quality rope that is long enough to go around your raft, through every d-ring and then wrap through the bow of your raft, doubled over (for my raft it was the circumference of the raft plus 6', see above).  Most pre packaged rope you would get at a hardware store that is high enough quality for this will come long enough.

So simple, so good!
Step 2:  Take your new rope, fold it in half and slide the bend you just created in the middle of the rope through the stitched floor in the front of your raft.  Tie an overhand knot to create a loop for your winch, as pictured above.  This location below your tube allows the raft to go up on the trailer with ease, and stays out of the way when your rowing.  I have an Aire Tributary 13' that has the stitched floor and makes this very easy.  If you have a raft where the floor is welded in (Saturn's, Otter's many others) go to a raft repair place and have them cut a hole in the fabric between your floor and tube (I highly recommend NOT cutting your raft yourself).

As seen in the first picture, the rope loop is sitting below the floor.
Step 3:  Pull the rope up the inside of your raft and thread it into the top d-ring.
Rope is threaded through the d-ring
Step 4:  Now that the loop is tied on the underside of your raft, and the rope is threaded through your front d-ring as pictured above, thread the rope through all of the other d-rings to the back of your boat.  Because you used the middle of the rope to make your front loop, use one side of the rope for one side of the boat.  The two ends will meet in the back at the rear d-ring.  As you are threading the d-rings, remove all slack, even if tied very tight the rope with stretch and loosen overtime (slack is evil, as always).
You want to pull here (green) not here (red).
Rear d-ring
Step 5:  Take the two ends of the rope and thread them through the d-ring.  As you can see above, I wrapped it around the d-ring with each side of the rope.  Once threaded through tie the ends of the rope together, I chose to overhand not it twice.  Ideally you want it putting stress on the rope and the d-ring, not the raft fabric.

I hope this is useful for some of you out there, especially Keith.  If you have any questions like Keith did feel free to ask, of if you have any cool boat tricks that you have done, let me know!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

GoPro Pics

Got the new LCD screen for the GoPro and have messed around with it a little.  So far the best shot was this one of Ruby chilling in front of the Christmas tree.  The GoPro is interesting as a still camera, but if you get the right amount of light it can take some really cool pictures.  Check out this review from the headhunter crew about taking pics with the new GoPro 2.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Roderick Hawg-Brown

For those of you out there on the Twitter, make sure you check out the angry, nasty brown who lives in the Beaverhead @rodrickhawgbrwn.  The pic above is just one of many good ones, and more to come I'm sure.  Also, give us a follow @evoanglers.  Been on Twitter for a month or so, and still not sure I "get it".

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

I know him!
Merry Christmas from Evolution Anglers, hopefully Santa brings you a nice steelhead like the one above he got out of the Hoh last year!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Fish MT in 2012

Check out our spring deal that Rooster just released for The Stonefly Inn.  This is an awesome time to be fishing out here, with the Beaverhead and Missouri (both tailwaters) nearby we never get blown out, and the odds of seeing other anglers is incredibly low.  Oh yeah, did I mention Skwala's and Caddis and March Browns and streamer fishing?  Here are a couple links to fishing during this time last year.

May 7, Fishing
May 13, Fishing
May 27, Fishing

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Good stuff from up north

Check out this greatest hits vid from Yos and the crew at Chromer Sport Fishing.  As you can see in the video, CSF offers trips from saltwater king fishing to swinging steelhead and lots in between.  One of these days I will get up north to fish with Yos and the boys.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

New from Greenfish

Check out the new trucker hats from Greenfish.  I love the look of this hat, and when you buy from Greenfish, you get to chose from 4 fishing conservation groups that a portion of the proceeds are donated to!  Treat yourself to an early christmas present!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


It's almost the shortest day of the year.  Sunsets like this one from last night are a reward for the overall lack of light right now.

Monday, December 19, 2011

People of fly-fishing interview

My favorite part of fresh steelhead

A big thanks to the crew at Chi Wulff for including me in their People of Fly Fishing interview series.  Check out the first part of the interview here, and the second part here.   The chi wullf guys bounce between Austin, TX and Bozeman, and will hopefully be finding their way into my blue skiff sometime this spring.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Steelhead Christmas Cards

Unless Kirk is fishing, then you should add an extra 9.

Check out the new Christmas cards that my good friend Kirk Werner is now producing.  He has made a series of three different cards, and gives recommendations on when to send them (with his usual high dose of humor) in this blog post.  If Kirk's cartoons look familiar, it's because he is the author of the Olive the Wooly Bugger children's books.  The Olive series is an awesome collection of books, and a great christmas present for any kid in your life.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Fly Fishing Forum Math

Winter! Time to fish on the internet!

Along with it being blog season it is officially Forum season. WFF is a forum I've been a long time member of, and it is an amazing resource for information, and home to some of the funnest people I have ever fished with, so don't take this as a knock on forums. I just feel that there are certain mathematical formulas that can be applied to fishing forums (and loosely translated to all internet forums). Here's a little forum math to keep you up to grade:

First, a quick warm up equation that everyone knows:
High number of forum posts = little to no time fishing

On to the advanced math:

Your rod for sale + my opinion ≠ sales price

RiverAddicts archives of posts on speypages > 90% of internet fishing forum posts

Pictures with rod in mouth = # of rods in mouth

Starting Nymphing vs. Swinging thread = # of steelhead you should catch/100 (regardless of your side of the argument)

Posts about deals at Cabelas*2.5=volume of alcohol consumed by local flyshop owners and employees when reading said posts (rightfully so!)

Talking about steelhead ≠ catching steelhead

Sharing conservation issues = # of fish you should catch + 5

Links to random internet articles and wikipedia ≠ your point proven

# of times one says they are a guide in posts + their profile/10 = # of days that "guide" was "guiding" last year

fake username credibility = real username credibility/22

Length of your post on a subject ≠ knowledge

how cool you are for posting on a fly fishing forum = 0(n) where n is your number of posts.

Have some forum math of your own? feel free to share,

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Winter wrapping: Squidro

Tying's been on hold lately, but will resume shortly because I just got an unbelievably awesome new tying desk(info next week).  The last time I wrapped, I tied the bassmaster steelhead bug the Squidro.  I haven't got to fish them yet, but Scott Howell made them, so I'll assume they crush like everything else he ties.  The durability of the rubber makes sense, and I like the color combo's it give you.  I tied them in a couple different colors, but this white and orange definitely turned out the best.

Hooked up

Picture of a picture
Got an email a few weeks ago from a someone at easy canvas prints, a company that makes sick canvas prints, asking about my blog.  At first read I thought it was the typical spam, but it was clear that the writer actually read the blog and fly fished. I then decided to do some business with them after I saw this link from the work they did with veterans.

I have a bunch of canvas prints from my wedding a little over a year ago, so was very familiar with the product, and pumped to get another one.  This time instead of my beautiful wife and I in the picture I ordered one that will be for the tying room.  It got here quick, and was high quality for a low price.  Definitely would be a cool xmas gift (or a cool xmas gift for yourself, like the one above).

Monday, December 12, 2011

Non-traditional fishing dogs: Tater

Nose to nose, Tater the bass dog.
Got an email this week from Justin at Fire Fly Fisherman with a link to his awesome non-traditional fishing dog, Tater.  I spend a good amount of time fishing with my buddy Tom and his pitbull mix, Monty, and they are great boat dogs and will fetch the biggest log you can throw for them.  Here's what Justin had to say about Tater, and a link to some of their bassin from this past summer:

" My dog Tater is the best fishing dog I've ever had (and at times he is an amazing net though I have told him numerous times that we practice catch and release). I think that he may somehow enjoy fishing more than I do. I felt that I had to send you a link with pictures of some of our summer fly fishing for bass. Hope you enjoy."
"Just a little lower!"
We definitely do enjoy seeing a great fishing dog like Tater, thanks for the submission Justin!  If you would like your non-traditional fishing dog featured on Evoanglers, and some free swag, send me and email at

Friday, December 9, 2011

Getting ready to fish time lapse

Got to screwing around with the time lapse function of the GoPro and shot this quick clip  getting ready to fish this fall with Mills.  Check out how much running around murphy dog does, and definitely would not recommend pausing and accidentally seeing Mills in his boxers.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Silver and Gold from YGF

I've actually been teaching a lot the last couple weeks, thus the continuation of vimeo posts and lack of original content.  That being said, I would have thrown this one up regardless.  Ivan is a buddy of mine, and this is definitely my favorite piece of work he has done yet.  And, if you got to FlyFishlicious you can win a flip camera from watching the video!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Winter in Craig, MT

Check out the headhunter crew doing a little drift boat sleigh riding around Craig.  Sarah gets some serious style points for her boat surfing skills.  If you don't read their blog, check it out here.

Saturday, December 3, 2011


For those of you who are lucky like me today and get to spend Saturday wrapping bugs and watching NC/Kentucky followed by Gonzaga and then  some football, here's a little fishing related break.  This film was shot by Ian over at Detonation Studios and features Rick Matney and Laura Jenkins putting the smack-down on some hopper eating carp.