Monday, October 24, 2011

New Hats

Real foam dome trucker hats, as modeled by professional guide/model/dancer Brett Seng.

Had a request from Mike Schultz for a foam dome like Seng is wearing up above, so I figured before I ordered some more I would offer up some on here.  Hats are going to be $20 to your door ($15/hat, $5 shipping, I'm not making any $ doing this).  The two color choices are below, email me at if you're interested.
This will be just like the one on Seng's dome.
These will be bright red, not dumb ass longhorn orange as pictured.


  1. Joe... if you have one in child size for my mini-dome I would sport one.

  2. Cool Sean, I'll bring one by next time I come through.


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