Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Mustaches = More Fish

The fish didn't know what was coming for them

On the eve of Movember, I had one of the best mustaches to ever grace the blue skiff.  One would think that it would be adorned by a 60 year old man, but not so much, it was Tom K, a 20 something Ad man from NYC.  If you remember this post (one of the most popular posts in the short evoanglers history) Bubba and I rock the 'stache for a month every summer, and had Tom showed up and the mustache trifecta aligned, who knows what would have happened to local trout populations.  As things were, Tom (a semi-annual fly fisherman) spent two days in my boat chucking meat to the bank of the Beav, and going into vacuum mode on any brown trout that got in his way.  More proof of the direct relationship between mustaches and big fish.


  1. Thanks Jeff! The Stache has the power!

  2. holy gay! 'staches' are for sucks. haha

  3. i have found this to be true. staches always equal more fish.


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