Friday, October 28, 2011

Friday Fishing Report: 2 for 1 edition

Greg with an awesome streamer eating rainbow
This past week was transition week for me, the official end of trout season as of Sunday, and the start of fall steelhead fishing as of Wednesday.  Trout fishing on the Hole and Beav this past week was good for this time of year, and more than anything we really lucked out on the weather.  Most days t-shirts made an appearance, which for Montana in October is a good thing.  Streamer fishing on the Beaverhead continues to be solid, and the spaghetti and meatball is still the go-to rig on the Hole.  We also got to finish out the season with some great guests who have been coming to The Stonefly for a while (see Greg above), as well as some new guests who I'm sure will be back.  Overall this was an incredible trout season, and a big thanks goes out to all of the great guests who made it out to Twin Bridges.

David learning that two hands are better than one.
After a two day break, one of which included my first day back to substitute teaching, Garey, David and rolled through the upper Big Hole, past every boat launch, and dropped down into the Salmon River in Idaho.  A short drive away, it is still fascinating to me that steelhead make it to within 3 hours of Twin Bridges, MT.
Garey with the best fish of the day, and his first steeelhead on the two-hander.
David is new to the steelhead game, and was great to watch get better with the two hander as the day progressed.  Garey used to spend his winters in TDF chasing sea run browns, and so two handers were not new to him at all, but chasing steelhead with them was.  After a quick demo on presenting the fly Garey and David talked me into going through the second run first.  About five casts in to working out my line, with about 1' of running line outside the tip, I had that great feeling of a fish plucking my leech.  A snappy hookset and soon a 4lb native Salmon River steelhead was on the beach.  Not a bad start.  After letting the boys go through the run I came through batting cleanup and found a small hatchery fish that is about to enter into the smoker this afternoon.  I found one more in the next run, and then we stopped on a short little bucket, and Garey came tight to the beautiful native hen pictured above.  After guiding trout for the last 6 months together, seeing the smile on Garey's face was worth a million bucks, and clearly said "this ain't no trout!"
Good start to my fall steelhead season
The afternoon was nice and warm,  and we ran into good friend and Salmon River master Modobi and some of his friends in the Lunch hole.  Tactics were discussed along with the celebration of the change of pace from trout fishing.  The rest of the afternoon I spent watching David and Garey fish, batting cleanup to no avail, and shooting pictures in what is a truly beautiful canyon.  As a crew we went 4-4, a great start to the fall season.  Tuesday is when it really begins though, as I am heading back home to chase some steelhead around Eastern Washington, and see some great friends that I haven't seen in way too long.


  1. that's awesome joe. have a great steelead season

  2. Thanks Mike! Hope you're enjoying being back in SLC.


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