Monday, October 31, 2011

New Video: Big Hole Hopper Fishing

With a little more time on my hands these days it's been easier to sit down at the computer and edit some video.  I also just upgraded the computer to a new-to-me macbook pro courtesy of Seng.  Although a couple years old it is still a substantial upgrade from the old cracked macbook that survived grad school.

The angler in the new vid, David, was a great guy to fish with, and was cool with me screwing around with the camera while landing his fish.  All of the footage was from one day on the Big Hole, throwing the home brewed Chubby Chernobyl, and less than half of the fish landed were thrown on camera.  It was great working on it now that it's cold out and to remember how insane out summer was.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Friday Fishing Report: 2 for 1 edition

Greg with an awesome streamer eating rainbow
This past week was transition week for me, the official end of trout season as of Sunday, and the start of fall steelhead fishing as of Wednesday.  Trout fishing on the Hole and Beav this past week was good for this time of year, and more than anything we really lucked out on the weather.  Most days t-shirts made an appearance, which for Montana in October is a good thing.  Streamer fishing on the Beaverhead continues to be solid, and the spaghetti and meatball is still the go-to rig on the Hole.  We also got to finish out the season with some great guests who have been coming to The Stonefly for a while (see Greg above), as well as some new guests who I'm sure will be back.  Overall this was an incredible trout season, and a big thanks goes out to all of the great guests who made it out to Twin Bridges.

David learning that two hands are better than one.
After a two day break, one of which included my first day back to substitute teaching, Garey, David and rolled through the upper Big Hole, past every boat launch, and dropped down into the Salmon River in Idaho.  A short drive away, it is still fascinating to me that steelhead make it to within 3 hours of Twin Bridges, MT.
Garey with the best fish of the day, and his first steeelhead on the two-hander.
David is new to the steelhead game, and was great to watch get better with the two hander as the day progressed.  Garey used to spend his winters in TDF chasing sea run browns, and so two handers were not new to him at all, but chasing steelhead with them was.  After a quick demo on presenting the fly Garey and David talked me into going through the second run first.  About five casts in to working out my line, with about 1' of running line outside the tip, I had that great feeling of a fish plucking my leech.  A snappy hookset and soon a 4lb native Salmon River steelhead was on the beach.  Not a bad start.  After letting the boys go through the run I came through batting cleanup and found a small hatchery fish that is about to enter into the smoker this afternoon.  I found one more in the next run, and then we stopped on a short little bucket, and Garey came tight to the beautiful native hen pictured above.  After guiding trout for the last 6 months together, seeing the smile on Garey's face was worth a million bucks, and clearly said "this ain't no trout!"
Good start to my fall steelhead season
The afternoon was nice and warm,  and we ran into good friend and Salmon River master Modobi and some of his friends in the Lunch hole.  Tactics were discussed along with the celebration of the change of pace from trout fishing.  The rest of the afternoon I spent watching David and Garey fish, batting cleanup to no avail, and shooting pictures in what is a truly beautiful canyon.  As a crew we went 4-4, a great start to the fall season.  Tuesday is when it really begins though, as I am heading back home to chase some steelhead around Eastern Washington, and see some great friends that I haven't seen in way too long.

Monday, October 24, 2011

New Hats

Real foam dome trucker hats, as modeled by professional guide/model/dancer Brett Seng.

Had a request from Mike Schultz for a foam dome like Seng is wearing up above, so I figured before I ordered some more I would offer up some on here.  Hats are going to be $20 to your door ($15/hat, $5 shipping, I'm not making any $ doing this).  The two color choices are below, email me at if you're interested.
This will be just like the one on Seng's dome.
These will be bright red, not dumb ass longhorn orange as pictured.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Friday Fishing Report

Wyman doing the grip and the grin.

It is certainly a bad time of year to be a 2-4" long fish.  Streamer fishing on the Beav and Hole has been exceptional over the last couple weeks, particularly on cloudy days (big surprise, right?).  The Trad Olive has been the Beav fly of choice, and the christmas tree ornament has been the go too on the Hole.  Guide season is almost over for the year, in fact ends this Sunday.  I'll be doing some sort of summer wrap-up in the near future, and have a pile of video to start sorting through.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Non Traditional Fishing Dogs: Renny

Here is a submission for non-traditional fishing dogs from Bob and Molly out of Oregon.  Renny, a Portuguese Water Dog(named after a boat launch on the Mckenzie), got to join us for a day of hopper fishing on the Big Hole.  A great size and well behaved, Renny was an easy addition to the boat.

If you have a non-traditional fishing dog, shoot me an email at

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Friday Fishing Report- Classmate edition

My good friend and classmate has this to say about his nice CW fish.

Last Sunday, my fiancĂ© Lisa and I decided to take a “stretch break” during our drive back to Pullman. It happened to near one of our favorite runs on the Clearwater. An angler was fishing finishing up toward the bottom of the run, so we jumped in behind him. Lisa had hooked two fish here last weekend and wanted to repeat the performance. She was swinging the top half while I plied the waters below. We typically fish this run with 85-90 foot casts and hook fish from mid-river to the hang down. About 30 minutes in I hooked up near the hang down, it jumped twice then spit the hook. Knowing we had to get back on the road soon, I figured I blew my only chance at a fish. Four casts later in mid-swing I felt a pluck, followed by 3 seconds of agony, waiting for the fish to comeback. The loop slipped through my finger, line snapped tight, and my reel started spinning. I leaned heavily into the fish and the “sulk-fest” began. This fish subscribed to the tractor-trailer versus sports car mentality. He made two short runs, slashed at the surface a couple of times, then sounded and anchored himself out in the current. After enough side-pressure this beast relented and allowed Lisa tail him. What a brute, measuring out to 36 inches. Amazingly, the size 6 “Near nuff,” a pattern my friend Dave Clark invented this year for the Clearwater, remained firmly pinned in the buck’s nose. I unhooked him and held him in the current, shortly after he kicked free and returned to the shadowy depths. Unquestionably, the best pit stop of my life.

Into the backing

Found this awesome sign in the crapper of Tim Tollett's Frontier Anglers.  Any of you who have been to the Beaverhead know that Tollett's is an institution in Dillon, and is the place to go for Beaverhead bugs, shuttles and any other local Dillon knowledge.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Mustaches = More Fish

The fish didn't know what was coming for them

On the eve of Movember, I had one of the best mustaches to ever grace the blue skiff.  One would think that it would be adorned by a 60 year old man, but not so much, it was Tom K, a 20 something Ad man from NYC.  If you remember this post (one of the most popular posts in the short evoanglers history) Bubba and I rock the 'stache for a month every summer, and had Tom showed up and the mustache trifecta aligned, who knows what would have happened to local trout populations.  As things were, Tom (a semi-annual fly fisherman) spent two days in my boat chucking meat to the bank of the Beav, and going into vacuum mode on any brown trout that got in his way.  More proof of the direct relationship between mustaches and big fish.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Friday Fishing Report

Chris with a great hopper eater

Only a couple more of these left for the year, and then back to the backyard flow, and random river photos instead of fishing reports.

SUmmer officially ended three days ago.  From last friday till today I spent 4 days throwing hoppers and droppers, wearing shorts, and cracking cold ones at the end of the day and followed it up with streamers, bobbers, fleece and coffee.  We were certainly lucky to have a hell of an indian summer this year, and any day I can wear shorts in October is a bonus.
John with one out of the THICK foam.

The end of last week I got to spend three days with John VanLeeuwen and his wife Chris.  John is the creator of the Depth Skru bobber, which I was fortunate enough to test for him over the last 6 months.  After holding his own on the first day, John watched Chris put on an absolute clinic on the lower Big Hole, catching enough that she decided to boat ride shortly after lunch.  Chris followed that performance up by teaching the upper beav fish a thing or two about her husbands outstanding products.  John's products (which I will do a better review of shortly) are going to be available from Idylwilde this spring, and guarantee will revolutionize the type of bobber you see being fished on your local river.
BIG bug time!
I also got to see some ridiculous streamer fishing the last couple days, more to come on that this week.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

No New Hatchery on the Klickitat

Brett with an awesome Klickitat fish, certainly worth protecting this beauties.

Yakama Klickitat Fisheries Project and the Bonneville Power Administration are currently seeking comments on a new hatchery project on the Klick, and now is your chance to tell them that it is bull shit!  Click this link to got to the Native Fish Society for a letter to comment against the new hatchery, and do your part to help wild fish.  If you haven't fished the Klickitat it is an incredible river in south central Washington.  I have a special connection to the Klick because it is where I caught my first steelhead, guided my first steelhead guide trip (along with many more) and just fell in love with everything about steelhead fishing.  The the 5 minutes to send in your letter, and help protect a fine river.  And if you are looking to experience the klick first hand, call the boys at Troutwater or The Evening Hatch, and they'll take good care of you.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

New Video: June on the Big Hole

It's been a few months, but I finally got the time finish this project.  The footage is from two days on the Big Hole in June, when it was supposedly blownout but was in fact fishing outstanding.  We bobber fished the whole time, and the fish in the film are ones we connected with and had slow enough water in to run the camera.  A great couple of days for sure. I threw it up on Vimeo last week with the intention of launching it here this week, and the Orvis Blog picked it up in the meantime for their Friday Filmfest, which is awesome!

I've been running the GoPro more as well, and as my season winds to an end there will be more video coming out (assuming my computer doesn't die from the abuse).

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Off The Grid

Famous camera man, fly fisherman, comedian and Stonefly Inn Pig Roast Alumni R.A. Beattie's film Off the Grid is dropping this week.  R.A. runs one of the leading fly fishing film crews, and has been ahead of  the pack of fly fishing films for quite some time now.  Check out the films website here where you'll be able to order the film on the 7th.  Here's the trailer for the new film below.