Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday Fishing Report

Ke'lah enjoying the foam hatch.

Been a while since I pumped one of these bad boys out, largely because I have been too busy watching inch long pieces of foam get chewed on by relentless hopper eating trout until the legs fall off.  As expected, the huge snowpack of last winter has led to an amazing September.  Always my favorite month of the year (dry flies, steelhead pouring in, warm weather), this September has certainly been a memorable one.  I haven't tied on a bobber in well over a month, unless I'm on the Beaverhead, and if you're willing to get creative with your fly selection, there are plenty of fish eating hoppers still.
Jim Snyder proving that the big ones do eat in the
 morning as well as trusting in the guides selected fly pattern.

September is also great because we have a solid return of guests for their same weeks every year.  This year the Himmelman Group and Ralph and Kim were back right on schedule, and the Jim Snyder made their long awaited Stonefly Inn Reunion Tour.  Fishing with guests that are more like friends than clients is certainly one of the perks of the job.  Based on the weather forecast this is going to be the last week of summer, so get out there while you can. Because if you live out here year round, you know that the 9 months of cold is just around the corner.
Tobie getting it done Ishii style, big fish and no lost flies!
The start of spawning colors

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