Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday Fishing Report: Endless Summer

Dad with a nice hopper eating brown.
Although it showed up just a little late, summer is not going away easy.  Temps have stayed in the 80's and the fish are still looking up for hoppers, although not quite with the same vigor they once were.  A well placed cast on 4x with a small hopper is the name of the game now, but if you can put those pieces together followed up by a drag free drift, you can still keep your bobbers stored away for a few more days.  This is looking to be the second year in a row of catching fish on hoppers in October, which is a nice change of pace from the year before when it snowed 6" September 28th.  A home tie is still outfishing the shop bugs, so cross you fingers that your guide has been at the vice more than the bar lately, because it definitely makes a difference this time of year.

Mom with a back eddy hopper crusher.
I also got to spend two days fishing with my parents last week, which was a lot of fun as always.  They lucked out and spent a day fishing with Brazda, drove to SD, perfectly missing a storm, then arriving back in Twin for more warm weather.
Look, some moose.

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