Thursday, September 15, 2011

friday fishing report-a day early edition

One of the best things about living in Pullman is the close proximity to Lewiston and the Clearwater. This means that after taking a test and sitting through 4 hours of lectures I can sneak out of town, make my way through the palouse and get to the river in time to spend the evening fishing.

This was the story of Tuesday evening. Andrew and I made it to the CW while the sun was still a couple hours from dipping behind horizon. We started working a run and about half way through I hooked up, only to lose the fish, as the hook had broke off on a poorly executed cast that ended in the fly crashing into the rocks behind me. Evidently I didn't remember my first time spey casting.

We finished out the run, the sun had disappeared already and we were running out of light. We made the quick decision to head up river to try one last spot for the last remaining time we had until the sun disappeared.

This was a great decision. within a dozen casts I was into my first steelhead on the swing. Redemption! finally!

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  1. the cw is a sweet river for sure. i went from 9hrs away to 3hrs away now gonna be 9hrs away again.


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