Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I finally ponied up for a real web address, so those of you who are kind enough to link to me, please change link to  And if you're lazy, like I am, don't worry, the blogspot site will still get you here.  And, if you don't link to me, but run a blog, throw me in your blog roll and post in the comment box on this thread or email me at, and I'll send you some Evolution Anglers stickers, as well as some stickers from The Greenfish Movement, which include a 20% coupon.


  1. You're already on my blogroll! I'm definitely interested in a decal. I'll e-mail you my address.

  2. what if i only link to your brother? j/k

  3. Looks great, Joe! When are you going to be in Washington? I am itching to swing some flies with you. Maybe this season maybe next. The kids are killing my fishing (though I am headed to Mexico at the beginning of November)!

    Hope all is well. I miss MT.



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