Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Mustache month

We'll be your guides today!
Every summer Bubba and I do a little throwback month and rock the mustache.  This year because of a lack of preparation we had to push it back to august from July.  This was good in that the mustaches seemed to kick off hopper season.  The down side of August mustaches is Fair weekend, which brought in a substantial amount of new talent for Bubba (who is single ladies!) but had to play handicapped with the 'stache.  Overall mustache power won out, and the last week of 'stache month produced some giant browns, like the one bubba found pictured below.
Mustache power prevails!


  1. Exceptional photo of Fish Porn Stache!

  2. Mustaches and hoppers do seem a happy marriage!

  3. yes, a mustache is mucho gay, but that brown certainly is not.

  4. Thanks for the comments! There also appears to be a relationship between mustache related posts and an increase in blog followers.

  5. That's really awesome!! Love the mustache! great work!


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