Friday, August 26, 2011

Friday fishing report: They are finally here!

Dick gets rewarded for hitting the spots.

My clients today and I laughed about how every fishing report in the west for the last month starts with "They're Finally..." as in "The salmonflies are finally here!" or "The yellowstone is finally dropping" or "It's finally hopper time".  And now that "It's finally here" it feels like it's almost over.  Mornings are starting to get cold, days are getting shorter, and the September regulars are just around the corner.  This past week gave up some interesting fishing, with fish looking up for hoppers all over the place, and some of the most consistent nymphing all year.  Apparently the big ones are moving around as well, because the Mel and Bob group got three browns over 22" within 2 days.

23" of hopper destruction.
After waking up this morning and seeing overcast skies and warm temps, we all thought today was going to be the day of days, but apparently the trout forgot what shade was, because the sunny days have been better.  Oh well, couple more weeks of what should continue to be solid dry fly fishing, and then time to chase steel!
Life is good.


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