Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Some 509 in the 406

Two Joe's one trophy whitey
It's been Eastern Washington week at The Stonefly, with groups from the 509 leaving last week and more showing up today.  It's always fun guiding guys from the same general area I grew up, and definitely unique since flyfishing isn't the fishing method of choice in Eastern Washington.  Last week we had a bunch of farmboys from Colfax who had never fly fished before, and Bubba and I were assigned to crush them teach them.  We had a great time fishing with them, and after a couple minutes of instruction they figured it out.  Many laughs were had, and after a day of ribbing they quickly figured out how to have fun, and started jabbing back after 1.5 days of ridicule.  The quote of the two days in my boat was "This is just like the water ride at Silverwood theme park, except that is more fun, because there is no guide."  I'm still laughing about that comment along with some of the great whitey pics.
Zach ending the day with a big brown with an audience at the takeout.


  1. Awesome fish! Wish I could hook into one that size!

  2. Come on out to Montana Gaeron, there are plenty of them around!


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