Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday Fishing Report: Two For One

Todd with a really big one, Montana style.

So haven't been blogging lately for the usual reasons (I'm not a desk jockey, and fishing is > blogging), but have a couple minutes this morning for an update.  Things are still dropping and clearing, but still much bigger than usual, which is a good thing.  I've floated everywhere but the way upper big hole in the past two weeks, and after a couple of ass kickings down around twin, found some good fishing nearby, as well as on the upper beav.  If you haven't been to the upper Beav, now's a good time to try.  The fish are giant this year because of good water, and the pmd's are popping and making for some cool dry fly fishing.  Starting to get some fish looking for hoppers, but I'd keep them in the box just a little longer before really giving them the a throw.
Bubba with a good one
Todd doing the Montana Pterodactyl.
Todd with another beauty.   


  1. Nice...I'd be fishing too :-)

  2. Thanks Sanders, fishing has been great! What a beautiful summer

  3. Those two rivers are on my "next time" list. Thanks for a great blog!

  4. Todd, thanks for the comment. Get ahold of me if you ever come this way.


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