Monday, July 18, 2011

Flash Back

Hill's Discount Flies Pulsating Caddis Pupa (There's some glass beads in there)

Sitting on the exercise bike at the PT office the other day, I was doing my normal daydreaming, thinking about my guide trip for later that day on the Big Hole, and caddis pupa.  For some reason, I had a flash back to a pattern that we used to fish all of the time on the Yakima, The Pulsating Caddis.  Tied by hills discount flies that was based out of the city of Yakima at the time, the pulsating caddis was a crusher, and accounted for a lot of fish.  That same day I had the flash back I was working with Brazda, and knew that he would have some because we both used to fish that pattern a lot.  Sure enough he did, and was generous enough to let me have a few.  I wish this ended with the PC-pupa hammering 30 fish, but not the case, however we did catch a few on it, and it's another one that I'm going to keep in the box on a regular basis.

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