Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday Fishing Report: Two For One

Todd with a really big one, Montana style.

So haven't been blogging lately for the usual reasons (I'm not a desk jockey, and fishing is > blogging), but have a couple minutes this morning for an update.  Things are still dropping and clearing, but still much bigger than usual, which is a good thing.  I've floated everywhere but the way upper big hole in the past two weeks, and after a couple of ass kickings down around twin, found some good fishing nearby, as well as on the upper beav.  If you haven't been to the upper Beav, now's a good time to try.  The fish are giant this year because of good water, and the pmd's are popping and making for some cool dry fly fishing.  Starting to get some fish looking for hoppers, but I'd keep them in the box just a little longer before really giving them the a throw.
Bubba with a good one
Todd doing the Montana Pterodactyl.
Todd with another beauty.   

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Good people

Got to spend 6 days last week with some of my favorite clients, who are actually very close friends of mine.  We fished all over the place, but here's a nice one that Todd W. got in a place that is a little less traveled.  More to come in tomorrow's FFR, which should be a good one because I got to wrap up two week in to one.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Flash Back

Hill's Discount Flies Pulsating Caddis Pupa (There's some glass beads in there)

Sitting on the exercise bike at the PT office the other day, I was doing my normal daydreaming, thinking about my guide trip for later that day on the Big Hole, and caddis pupa.  For some reason, I had a flash back to a pattern that we used to fish all of the time on the Yakima, The Pulsating Caddis.  Tied by hills discount flies that was based out of the city of Yakima at the time, the pulsating caddis was a crusher, and accounted for a lot of fish.  That same day I had the flash back I was working with Brazda, and knew that he would have some because we both used to fish that pattern a lot.  Sure enough he did, and was generous enough to let me have a few.  I wish this ended with the PC-pupa hammering 30 fish, but not the case, however we did catch a few on it, and it's another one that I'm going to keep in the box on a regular basis.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Friday Fishing Report

The past week took me to some new places and returned me to some spots i've been fondly thinking about.  After a couple of outrageous days on the Big Hole a push of rain peeled me off of it for a day, which sent us up to the dam on the Beav.  If you are in to throwing little dries, now would be a great time to get your ass up there, because the PMD's haven't gone crazy yet, but there are enough around and the fish are certainly up looking at them.  After some good reports I ran over to the Madison today and floated a stretch that I have never done, looking for some salmonfly eaters.  Fishing was good, and we watched a pile of fish eat the dry, first dry fly day in a LONG time.  The Alabama Boys were out as well, along with Single Angler Steve, which made for alot of laughs along with alot of fish.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Friday Fishing Report: Monday Edition

Rory's first fish on a fly rod. Thanks for coming out bro!
So this week since I have been spending more time on water than land, you'll get last weeks fishing report today, and a new one this Friday.  Finally feels like summer, and boy is it nice.  Temps nearing 100 degrees and alot of happy trout to see some consitent hatches.  I have been everywhere in the valley lately that is in shape, from the upper Big Hole to the upper Beav, and lots of places in between.  Everywhere is fishing well and there are a ton of different bugs out from sallies and late goldens to pmd's, caddis and drakes.  Still spending most of the time watching the bobber, but the bite is good enough to keep it interesting.  Remember too that even though the flows are big, it's July and those food sources are changing.
Ke'lah enjoying the sun on the 4th of July.
Dad with a good one.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Some 509 in the 406

Two Joe's one trophy whitey
It's been Eastern Washington week at The Stonefly, with groups from the 509 leaving last week and more showing up today.  It's always fun guiding guys from the same general area I grew up, and definitely unique since flyfishing isn't the fishing method of choice in Eastern Washington.  Last week we had a bunch of farmboys from Colfax who had never fly fished before, and Bubba and I were assigned to crush them teach them.  We had a great time fishing with them, and after a couple minutes of instruction they figured it out.  Many laughs were had, and after a day of ribbing they quickly figured out how to have fun, and started jabbing back after 1.5 days of ridicule.  The quote of the two days in my boat was "This is just like the water ride at Silverwood theme park, except that is more fun, because there is no guide."  I'm still laughing about that comment along with some of the great whitey pics.
Zach ending the day with a big brown with an audience at the takeout.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Monday Escape Series

Ok I promise I'll be more consistent with weekly updates. Today's Escape photo is from last summer on the Yakima River. Troy landed this nice rainbow just down from Bristol Flats.

Canon 40D
17-40 F4L
B+W Circular Polarizer
17 mm
F 4.0
ISO 100

Post processing in Aperature. Contrast bump. Vignette. Selective Dodging on the face and the fish.