Monday, June 27, 2011

Monday Escape Series

Today's escape photo was shot at an unknown location in the summer of 2009. Shawn landed this brute of a brown trout on a VW hopper, and we then called it a day. This photo always makes me thankful of the fact that places like this still exist and that I am fortunate enough to know of its existence.

Canon 40D
17-40 F4L
17 mm
F 4.0
ISO 640

Post processing: Ok this photo took a serious amount of work. I took the original image which was under exposed and cranked the exposure up, which blew out the sky. To fix this, I used some Topaz product demo to do a single shot HDR which gave me the sky and reflection exactly how I wanted it. I then used photoshop CS5 to make a composite image with the sky and rive from the HDR photo merged with the bumped exposure version with the angler and fish. This gave me a final merged image that was just about where I wanted it to be, except there was too much noise. I used noise ninja in Aperture to fix that problem and used a little bit of the clone tool in PS CS5 to fix some problematic areas.

It took a bit of tinkering but I really like the way this photo came out.


  1. Looks absolutely great-- the tips of the grass over his right shoulder are nice.

  2. thanks guys. I think this is definitely my best hero shot!


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