Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday Fishing Report

"All sorts of bad things were happening" before this trout was landed
All sorts of variety for this weeks fishing report.  My good friend, T.Craig (aka Mr. Seahawks Hat) flew in thursday for a long weekend (if you can call Friday-Tuesday that) of fishing.  Instead of listening to his friend in Seattle who thought he was nuts for coming out here this time of year, Tom arrived for the best 5 days of fishing I have seen so far this season.
This spot look familiar?
Celebrating the end of her school year and a small break from students, Ke'lah joined us Fri-Sunday to mop up the leftovers out of the back of the boat, and did a hell of a job at that.  We began with a late start on the Beav friday, and aside from meeting a blog reader out of the SLC and a strong streamer finish, it was rather ho-hum.  The weekend couldn't be more opposite.  After a cold week the Hole dropped into shape, and with the warm weather predicted for the weekend we new that we had to "strike like cobra" while we had the chance.  This decision worked out incredibly well, and each day provided non-stop action under the bobber, including enough bobber eaters to make us throw the big dry for a while.  A mule at the hitching post followed up by some home made pizza back at the casa-de-willauer and Ke'lah was ready to go back to work, and T and I were off to the Mo.
The rod that you can't see above the frame, is bent to shit.
Early Monday morning found us saying bye to Ke'lah and meeting up with Greg Bricker in Whitehall for the trip up to Craig.  If you haven't been to Craig, it is a great scene this time of year.  Every guide in SWMT that doesn't have access to Beav tags is up there, and because it is such a big river it can easily handle the pressure.  The crew at Headhunters hooked us up with the goods as usual, but rather than just some flies, a shuttle and a little prefishing chill time at the shop we got ahold of one of their cabins for the night.  If you're staying in Craig, check them out, they are cozy, affordable and stumbling distance from Isaac's.  A quick gear drop off and we had the boat in the water.  Greg started out with two at the take out, and this trend pretty much continued for 1.5 days (T flew out at 3:30, otherwise it would have been 2 days of crushing).  If you've been to the Mo this time of year, you know how remarkable it can be, and if you haven't, get ahold of me.
It's all about the hat!  Great brown for T.Craig.
There were many highlights to the trip, but the couple that stood out were one grande brown so that Tom can maintain the legend of the Seahawks hat, Greg's anchor bracket technique and eating a next level dinner at Izaak's.  Definitely a great end to the weekend shared with good friends.
Average.  Thanks to Silvey's Pupa
Anchor bracket technique perfected!


  1. a.k.a seahawks hat is pulling some pigs

  2. Sweet I got mentioned on the blog. Thanks for the low down. Always good to put a name with a face. You are a lucky dude to live where you live and do what you do. I just have to live through your blog.


  3. Mike- T and I have fished together for almost a decade, and he has some serious mojo.

    Elton- Nice meeting you guys, hope you had a good weekend


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