Friday, June 3, 2011

Friday Fishing Report

Larry pulling on one.
This past week was a Beav week until about Thursday.  I got up there last Friday, Saturday, Monday and Wednesday, each day fishing a little different.  We're super lucky to have such a good tailwater 30 minutes from home while we wait for snow to melt everywhere else.  After Saturday the traffic wasn't bad either which was nice.

I started out last Friday guiding my buddy Derek Brown and his dad Larry.  Derek and his wife are both veterinarians in Dillon and have an awesome dog boarding setup as well, so if your ever out here with fido and need to board him or have an emergency, check them out.  As for the fishing it started out a little rough, but finished strong.

Bubba got back to the north country from Texas last week and we were able to get him in the boat most of last week which was a blast.  Saturday was particularly good because we floated through the resident only zone, and Bubba as a non resident had to row the whole time which was a nice treat, but he did get his licks in above and below the non-resident zone.


  1. looks like some great fishing! gotta love the having good water so close to home.

  2. memo for jergens.....that middle picture.....that's the one i want.

  3. Sanders- Yeah we're spoiled considering most of the restt of the state is blown out.
    Mike- Soon, soon!


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