Thursday, June 23, 2011

Friday Fishing Report: Liftoff

Do I really need to write anything else?
As seen above, we have liftoff on the Big Hole, and they are spread through out the system.  I spent most of the last week over there, and although haven't had much dry fly fishing yet, it is time.  Took a break from the Hole on Monday and had a blast with some new guests from Missouri over on the Beaverhead.  What was supposed to be a fathers day trip got pushed to Monday, but the father continued the mojo with some awesome fishing out of the back of the bus, and some trout a little bigger than those in the Ruby Deux.  I'm off to the Hole again with Modobi and Bubba in about an hour, hopefully they're looking up.
Pat and Allison know how to finish the day, a double within site of the ramp.

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  1. man i haven't fished a river in months. this sucks!


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