Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Stop Eating Wild Steelhead

For those who haven't noticed, on the bottom right corner of the blog is a banner link that says "stop eating wild steelhead" and if you haven't clicked it yet, get on it!  If you don't already know, wild steelhead are ESA listed in many parts of the Northwest, or on the way to being ESA listed.  There are many different factors that have led to the rapid decline of steelhead, one of which is the netting and sale of steelhead at restaurants and markets.  After a successful campaign last winter that stopped pikes place market from selling wild steelhead, Evan Burck has formed a more unified group for outing those restaurants and markets selling wild steelhead, and notifying them about the peril of the fish they are selling.
See that adipose fin?  That means it's the real-deal and not meant for eating.

Evan and I have been friends since we were about 5 years old, grew up fishing together, and after different paths out of school, have both ended up being very passionate about the conservation and protection of steelhead.  Here is what evan had to say about the cause:

"I mainly want it to be a place of info for things dealing with steelhead harvest, management, ethics, etc. "Eating" steelhead is both a literal and metaphorical thing in this case... We don't have to eat them to be doing damage to them. I think that if we are users of a resource, we should be doing something to give back to it. I'm trying to get people informed and passionate about making sure this resource lasts. With the general apathy of the situation within the angling community, and the general public's ignorance, something needs to be done to bring these topics to people's attention."

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