Saturday, May 7, 2011

Shorts and Skwalas

Warmth and Haze= perfection.
Made it out on the water last week for the first time since I had ACL surgery two weeks ago, and was sure glad that I did.  I met up with Greg Bricker for a float through a canyon that is known for putting out some big ones, but not very many.  This reputation didn't really pan out for us, and we had pretty consistent fishing, but farmed out two chances at decent ones, neither of which were really giants.
CZ, mmmmmm.
Greg held to his guns and fished a big fish rig all day, and I went after the fish that were willing to look up for the big bug.  This switching of techniques worked out really well for us, as Greg fished the deep choppy stuff that usually puts out the crankers, and I fished the skinny water in between, where fish were more likely to look up for dries.  This was only the second day I have been out trout fishing this year, and it was great to be able to wear shorts, sit in the bow of the boat with my gimp leg, and chuck a #12 chubby to some willing fish.  After lasts summer lack of big dry fishing, and a winter of standing waist deep waiting for something to yank on the end of a spey rod, I had all but forgotten how nice it is to watch trout swim up and inhale a dry.   Hard to beat a day in May with a good friend, throwing dries in shorts weather.


  1. that's a solid fish! i'm looking forward to coming down

  2. Yeah, we got to get together and fish soon.


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